How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head Of Hair? 

    This blog is highly requested. How many bundles do I need for a full head of hair? We cannot tell you how many times I get this question. Lots of people are wondering how many bundles they need for a full head look. Therefore, we are writing this blog to answer your questions.

How many bundles do you need for a full head of hair?| Meetu Hair

How many bundles do you need?

    First, we will start with the bundles. Generally, the length of the human hair bundles ranges from 8 inches to 40 inches. But now, it's hard to find a company that goes up to 40 inches, only because 40 inches is extra expensive, and almost no one would buy 40 inches hair bundles. There are typically bundles that start at 12 inches and go already up to 30 inches. 

    Usually, each human hair bundles are the same weight, whatever the length is. So the shorter hair bundles will be the thicker. The 8 inches of human hair bundles are the thickest. If you want a bob look, 8 inches to 16 inches is the length ideal. For the hair length under 16 inches, 2 human hair bundles are enough. 

    When the length of bundles is over 16 inches, you need to get three bundles. If you want to get a layered look, you can order like 14, 16, and 18, three bundles.

    When you get past 22 inches virgin hair bundles, what is you start getting worried about. If you like the long hair over 22 inches, we would suggest getting four bundles so it could be full. 

    When you want to get the long bundles, and the length is like 22 24 26 28, we would suggest doubling up on your longest length because it will look full at the bottom. If the 28 inches is your longest length among the hair bundles, which means it is your thinnest length, so you need to have that extra thickness at the back, you won't be walking around with thin bundles in that way. It would be better to get 24, 26 with two 28 inches bundles to make it look full all along down to the bottom.

How many bundles do you need with frontal?

    If you have a frontal, you don’t need as many bundles, only because a frontal covers the majority of the top part of your head. If you want to get a normal look, two bundles with frontal are enough for under 18 inches hair, and for over 18 inches hair, you will need three bundles with frontal.

How many bundles do you need with closure?

    A lace closure is smaller than a lace frontal. But with closure, you can protect your hair better, so closure with bundles is the most pop choice for people. These are standard for how many bundles you need with a closure, two bundles for 12 inches, three bundles for 14 inches to 22 inches, and four bundles for over 24 inches hair for a full head hair.

    Meetu Hair supplies virgin human hair bundles with closure in packs, from two bundles with closure to four bundles with closure, makes it easier for you to pick out what you want. Want more information? Please visit to learn more. 

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