How to make the T part wig look non-wiggy?

T part wig hasn't been on the hair market for a long time, but many people have worn it because it is suitable for anyone who wants the convenience of wearing a lace wig but doesn't want to do much customization. Today, we will show you how to do the fewest work to make it look natural and non-wiggy.
how to make the t part wig look non-wiggy

About T part wigs

A T part wig gives you a little bit of lace and a glueless wear option, so if your hairline needs a break from gluing down your lace wigs or if you want a break from customizing your wig, you need to wear a style that you can get out the door. The T part wig is the perfect wig for convenience because it's easy to apply and no glue is needed type of wig.

It also has convenience like the headband wigs, except for you can let your hair rest, you don't have to do so much manipulation to your natural hair, and you just put this wig on and go. I will show you how I do the minimum to this wig and make it look more natural.

How to make the T part wig look natural and non-wiggy?

When getting a new T part lace wig, you can just put it on. But if you find the hair is a little bit dry, we suggest deep conditioning this wig before applying it. When putting on the T part wig, remove the extra lace, like what we would do on a 13x4 lace front wig.

First of all, you need to use a simply styling spray. If you feel that the virgin hair on this wig is frizzle, this spray will tame down those frizzy and flyaway hairs. But if we have deep conditioned this wig, it would not have so many frizzy areas. Then go ahead and run the flat iron through the hair to lay everything down, this spray is perfect for smoothing the hair and taming those frizz, and also it's like a heat protectant.

Since we want to make it look natural in the simplest way, we only need to add some concealer or powder down the parting.

Then we need to add some layers because if you have chosen a long hair T part lace wig, the length of the hair can make it look a bit wiggy, especially with dyed hair. So it would better to add some layers to frame our face.

Adding some layers can transform it to make it look more natural. You don't have to be a pro at cutting. You don't have to master those skills, you could watch one video on it.

So now, we have mastered the easy way to create a natural and non-wiggy T part hairstyle, do it now if you already have a T part wig. If you don't have one, you can buy a cheap virgin human hair T part wig in Meetu Hair.

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