T Part Wig VS Headband Wig

What is a T part wig?
A T part wig is what it says, the area of the lace on this wig is a shape T, and it has appeared due to the shortage of the lace. There are mainly T part closure wigs and t part frontal wigs in the hairs market. Now the cheap t part wig becomes one of the most hot-selling wigs in meetu hair.

Pros of T part lace wig
1. More affordable
Since the lace area on the t part lace wig is small, it is much more affordable than the human hair lace closure wig or lace front wig.

2. Beginners friendly
T part wig is a human hair wigs beginners friendly wig, and it's effortless to slay down a T part wig. We don't need to take too much time to customize the hairline and the parting space.

3. Versatile
With a virgin hair T part wig, we will have many hairstyles, such as a ponytail, a half ponytail, a bun, or any other hairstyles.

4. Natural and undetectable hairline
The transparent t part lace wig will give you a very natural hairline. If you have mastered using a middle part human hair lace wig properly, even up close, it looks much like your natural hair.

5. Comfortable
T part wig is very lightweight. All the T part wigs are made of 100% virgin human hair, so the hair is very soft and bouncy, and it will be comfortable when wearing this wig.

6. Daily use
Virgin human hair T part wigs are made from high-quality materials. Therefore, it is perfect for day-to-day uses or any other special occasion.

What is a headband wig?
The headband wig is a new trend in fashion. A headband wig is more like a half wig, which combines elastic headbands and human hair wig caps. There is no lace on this wig, so we don't need to glue it down but fix it with the adjustable headband.

The main advantage of a headband wig

1. Easy to install
It does not require plucking or blenching when you install the headband wigs, and we don't need to create a hairline to give it a natural look, we only need to braids the natural hair and just put it on.

2. Cheap
Headband wigs are cheaper than lace wigs because there is no lace in the wig, and it's machine-made by factories. So headband wigs will be much more affordable than hand-made lace wigs.

3. Different styles
With a headband wig, we can do lots of hairstyles, and we can even get a new look only by changing the headband.

4. Suitable for everyday use
It's effortless to put it on and take it off, so it will be very convenient to wear it daily.

The main difference between t part wigs and headband wigs

1. We can create a natural hairline with the t part wig, or we can choose to expose our natural hairline with a headband wig to give a realistic look.

2. We can do the middle part with the t part lace wig, but we can't do any parting space on the headband wigs.

3. There is a piece of lace at the front of the t part wigs, which can use glue or other adhesive to slay it down. But the headband doesn't require any adhesive or cutting tools, and we can secure it with the adjustable headband.

The similarity of t part wigs and headband wigs
1. Both t part wigs and headband wigs are easy and convenient to install, and they are friendly for beginners.

2. They are both more affordable when compared with other lace closure wigs or any other lace front wigs.

3. These two kinds of human hair wigs are easy to maintain, do not require special care, and are super perfect for daily life.

T part wig or headband wig, which one to chose?
How to choose between T part wigs and headband wigs is a tricky question. Personal preferences play a vital role. And we hope that after reading this blog, you will have a better understanding.

Where to buy cheap human hair wigs?
Meetu Hair offers cheap virgin human hair T part wig, if you are interested, please contact us.

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