How to Make Your Loose Deep Wave Hair Wigs Last Longer?

    Hello, and welcome to Meetu Hair. In this blog, we will talk about how to make your loose deep wave hair lace wig last a long time. If you have issues with human hair wig maintenance, please keep on reading and subscribe. We will continue to update blogs on wigs.

    As we all know, human hair wigs can last longer than synthetic hair wigs with proper maintenance. However, without appropriate care, this is not the case. Here are some tips for you to help you keep your loose deep wave hair wig last longer.

How to Make Your Loose Deep Wave Hair Wigs Last Longer?| Meetu Hair

Tip 1: Cleaning is essential

    Keeping hair clean is the foundation of healthy hair, so be sure to wash loose deep wave hair wigs regularly, including washing lace and hair. We are all habituated to glue down the wig, so there is glue residue on the lace. We need to pay more attention to the lace part when washing the wig. If you find it difficult to clean the glue, you can use a little toothbrush to brush it. You can reuse it only when you completely clean the wig.

Tip 2: Conditioning is also vital

    Loose deep wave hair is wavy hair that needs lots of moisture, so make sure you use moisturizing products when you wash it. And as for wash the loose deep wave wig, you can use a regular shampoo, but we would recommend using a co-wash product that cleanses the hair but is very gentle, or at least uses a salty-free shampoo to minimize the damage to the hair. And after shampoo, do not forget to moist it with conditioner. Deep condition is a great way to revamp your old loose deep wave hair wig. Wash your wigs at least once a week and deep condition them at least once two weeks.

Tip 3: Some argan oil will help you

    Some people do not like using argan oil on their wigs because they think it will weigh the hair down. But we do suggest using a bit of light argan oil on your loose deep wave hair because it is much easier to get frizzy. The argan oil is the penetrating one that gets into the hair shaft and everything and moisturizes the inside out, so it helps to tame the flyaways and prevent them from tangling. 

Tip 4: Nighttime care

    If you need to sleep with your loose deep wave wig, we recommend twisting your loose wave hair up and then wrapping it with a bonnet so that it will not cause tangling. If you do not wrap your hair up and sleeping freely, your hair will rub against the pillow and gets messy, which will cause damage to your hair in the long run.

Tip 5: Proper store

    If you plan to wear another wig, be sure to wash and care for your wig before storing it. Put it in a plastic bag or something to contain it, don't just throw it there, and put it in your closet. When next time you want to wear it, it will be ready to wear.

    We hope you all find these tips helpful. If you did, do not forget to subscribe. As our subscribers, you can enjoy a special $16 coupon, coupon code: BG16. If you want to order a new human hair wig, hurry up visit, more surprise discounts and gifts are waiting for you. 

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