How to Prevent Tangling in Deep Wave Hair?

    As we all know, wavy hair is much easier to get tangled than bone straight hair. In varieties of curly hair wigs, we think curly hair and deep wave hair may be the easiest to get knotted. We will show you some tips and tricks to help you prevent the deep wave hair from badly tangling and getting nasty.


1. Keep the deep wave hair moisturized

    Deep wave hair needs moisture. Frizzy hair is often the easiest to get knots. So the first thing and also the most significant thing that we can do to prevent the deep wave hair from tangling is keeping it super moisturized, especially at the bottom, because the bottom of the hair is the driest. So far as we know, most people don't have problems with their hair at the top, only at the bottom. 

2. Keep in mind with your cloth

    When wearing a virgin hair deep wave wig, please pay attention to the material of the clothes you are wearing. We need to choose the clothes made of natural fabric and choose the least frictional, such as clothes made of cotton and silk. Some knitted woolen clothes are more prone to static electricity, and there will be lint on the hair, which can cause tangles.  

3. Nighttime care

    The deep wave hair is easier to get tangle while sleeping, so take it off as much as possible before sleeping. If you need to sleep with your deep wave wig, make sure to wrap it up with a silk scarf or a sleeping bonnet. In addition, for deep wavy hair, you can braid it to keep the curls and make sure it does not get knotted so easily. 

4. Brush the hair regularly

    Prevent deep wave hair wigs from knotting is very important to people who use them every day. When you notice any knots in deep wave hair, the best way to prevent it from matting is to take a wig brush or a wide-toothed comb to detangle the knots from the bottom to the root. That way, we will get all the knots and all the tangles out. Because when the wig gets knotted, we need to pull the knot out to keep the hair healthy and prevent serious knotting. 

    Those are the quick tips to stop the deep wave hair from knotting up. We hope that this blog helps somebody who loves deep wave hair but is tired of detangling over hair. Want more hair care tips? Please stay tuned, and we will keep update more and more virgin human hair care tips. 

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