How to Revive Loose Deep Wave Hair Wig With Deep Conditioning?

    Hey everyone, we believe that the term deep conditioning is familiar to every wig wearer. However, do you know what it works? Do you know that we can revive the virgin human hair wigs with deep conditioning? If you even not have heard of that, keep on reading. Today, we're talking about how to revive and revitalize the dry, clumpy, frizzy loose deep wave hair wig with deep conditioning. 

    Knowing how to revive a damaged human hair wig will save you lots of money. Let's get started to bring the loose deep wave hair back from the dead. 

How to revive loose deep wave hair wig with deep conditioning?

    Step 1: Use a wide-tooth comb to comb through your loose deep wave hair wig. If your wig is especially knotty, you might want to pin up the top layer and work out the knots, starts at the nape first, and work the way along. 

    Step 2: Thoroughly wet the loose deep wave hair wig. The kitchen sink is a great place to do this little washing routine. While washing the human hair wigs, in particular, we don't want to use a basin. Because we're not going to be soaking our wigs, if we soaked our wigs in dirty water, it's not going to get as clean as we want it to be. 

    Step 3: Place some smooth shampoo in your palm with a little water to lather, then apply it to the loose deep wave hair. Run fingers through the hair from the root to the ends. Pay special attention to the lace part and the wig cap because that's where makeup and dirt can accumulate. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to get rid of all the shampoo. Otherwise, it'll cause some build-up on the loose deep wave hair wig. Next, take some smooth conditioner into our hands, then layer it down with some argan smooth treatment mist. It is about five or six spritzes enough. So now, we're getting ready to do deep heat treatment to revitalize our loose deep wave hair.

    Step 5: Apply those products throughout the hair, but we need to avoid applying on the root since we don't want to loosen any knots. Use a wide-tooth comb to work the product through the hair. 

    Step 6: Pin your loose deep wave hair wig to a canvas wig head, and secure a plastic bag or a shower cap over the hair. Take a hairdryer on a low heat setting to blow the hair for three to five minutes. Then rinse the hair out.

    Step 7: Usually, after rinsing the hair, we suggest spraying on some argan oil and let it air dry. But if you want to blow dry your wig and style it with the hairdryer, it would be better to use some heat treat thermal spray on the hair, which is a great product to protect your hair from flat irons and blow-dryer. Besides, use a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment, which will protect your hair from heat damage. 

    All of these is the easy method that can help you revive your loose deep wave hair wig with deep conditioning. You can also revitalize other texture human hair wigs by this approach. If you haven't subscribed, please do, so you can get a notification when I put out a new blog. 

    Meetu Hair is an experienced and trusted hair vendor who has been in the hair business for many years. We hope our hair can make your life more wonderful.

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