How to quick detangle water wave hair when back to school?

    Hey, beauties, this is Meetu Hair. Hair tends to get tangled during movement. Everyone struggles with the knotted hair. Young girls are always active, especially when back to school. You may have more chances to get your hair tangle when playing with your classmate. So we are writing this blog on how to quickly detangle water wave hair for your girls to help you save your time maintaining your human hair wigs.

water wave hair 13x4 lace front wig

How to prevent water hair from tangling?

    First of all, when you go back to school, knowing how to reduce tangles is more important than knowing how to detangle them, so we will share with you some tips on how to prevent your hair from getting tangled.

    You need to know heavy hair shed will come with improper detangling. As we all know, curly hair is much easier to get frizzy and also knotted. So when it comes to detangling wavy hair, like water wave hair or deep wave hair, you have to make sure it is damp. If you brush it while dry, this will cause tangles and shed.  

    You can use a Denman brush, a Zenman brush, or a wide-tooth comb when you're brushing the hair. These brushes are good, which can make your curls or wigs look extra pretty.

    You will also need to pay attention to your wig care during bedtime. While sleeping on the water wave hair, will also cause hair tangled. You can put it into a large ponytail, then tie a satin scarf or a nightcap.

    But there's no way to avoid tangles in reality, so here is a quick method to detangle it.

How to quickly detangle water wave hair when back to school?

Step 1: Spray the hair

    We need to damp the water wave hair before combing. Just take a spray bottle, add some conditioner and water in it, then spray all over the hair to make it a little bit wet.

Step 2: Add conditioner

    Once you feel your hair is wet enough, at this moment, take any conditioner and apply a little bit on your hands and rub it to your hair. 

Step 3: Brush the hair

    So now it's time to detangle your water wave hair. The wet hair created by water and conditioner will make it easier to detangle. If you feel it is not moist enough, add water as you like, but don't forget to put on a towel, which will keep your clothes from getting wet.

Step 4: Define curl

    So after adding in some water and conditioner, your hair is good. At this time, you can choose to put on some mousse on the top and run the extra mousse through your hair. It helps it lay flat and define the curls. Not too much product, so it's not weighing the hair down. No extra oils; it's good to go. 

    Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy that mini tutorial and hope this guide is helpful for you to save time on detangling your water wave hair when you are back to school.  

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