Straight hair or wavy hair, which is perfect to wear when back to school?

   Hey, beauties, it’s almost time to back to school. Are you ready for back to school? We will try our best to help you choose the ideal wig for the back to school day. As we all know, there are mainly two types of human hair wigs in the hair market: straight hair or wavy hair. So in this blog, we will describe each type of hair texture to help you choose the ideal back to school hair.

straight hair or wavy hair| Meetu Hair

Straight hair

    Straight hair is a classic hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. Long straight hair and short straight hair will give you a different look. You will look more elegant with a long hairstyle, but a short straight hairstyle will make you look cool.

    Straight hair is very versatile. It looks good with any face shape. Besides, the straight hairstyle can fit any occasion, whether wear it back to school, work or have an appointment.

    Straight hair is easy to maintain and restyle. Usually, straight hair always falls, and it is not easy to get frizzy. It doesn’t require any special care. You can just put it on and go out. If you are tired of the natural black straight hair, you can also restyle it by yourself. It is a grant base for some coloring techniques, like highlights, ombre, and balayage. It can be curling into any wave you want.

   Straight hairstyle is usually soft and shiny, making it easier to keep neat, so it is perfect to wear in the back to school life. However, the straight hairstyle lacks volume and is attached to the skull for the most time. If you are a trendy girl looking for independence and a different look from others or want more shaggy hair, wave hair will be better for you. 

Wavy hair

    Compared to straight hair, wavy hair has more volume. At the same time, it will show out your personality with a different hairstyle.

    You will have more options with wavy hair than you do with straight hair, including water wave hair, curly hair, deep wave hair, loose deep hair, body wave hair, etc. Different kinds of wavy hairstyles will show you different feelings.

    Water wave hair has become more and more welcome among girls all over the world. It is in natural waves and easy to blend with natural hair.

    The curls of curly hair are tight and irregular, which is great in volume. It will give you a full head look. Body wave hair has bigger and loose curls, so body wave hair will make ladies more attractive.

    Deep wave hair and loose deep wave hair are similar in curls. Their curls are regularly in one direction. The main difference between them is the tightness of curls. The curls of deep wave hair are tighter than loose deep wave hair. 

    We hope this guide will help you make your choice for your back to school wig. Meetu Hair is on back to school sale now. At the same time, we also have water wave hair specials. If you want to buy cheap water wave hair bundles or water wave hair wigs, don’t miss this opportunity.

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