How to sleep in your wig?

Many girls don’t always sleep with wig at night because they want to longer the wigs lifespan. But sometimes when you don’t have much time to put it off, you need to make sure you secure your unit for sleeping correctly when they are glued

Step 1: when ready to go to sleep, pull your wig back into a ponytail behind ears.

Step 2: use a scarf or headband to tie down the perimeter of your install, because if not, there will be huge chance that it might move or get messed up. This is the key to keeping your install flat and kind of flawless. It is suggest that choose material like satin or a cotton. because this will slide against your hair and prevent any snags.

Step 3: sleep on your side and satin pillow. It is more recommend satin over cotton because cotton absorbs moisture. Satin pillow can prevent your pillow taking all the moisture out your hair.
If you don’t have a satin pillowcase, you might want to cover up your hair with a bonnet

Step 4: spray some water and use mousse
The next day, your hair might be a little dry, grab a water bottle and kind of lightly spray this down, run your fingers through it to drag the water down to the ends. Then you could use some mousse to help define the curls.

Step 5: take the same head scarf and tie the hair back down for about 5 minutes, and use the brush to fix the baby hair, your wig will look perfect.

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