Why Density is So Important?

    While choosing the wig, we must take the density into account. Today Meetu Hair will share some knowledge with girls who are confused by it.

What is Hair Density?

    Hair density refers to the amount of hair that you have on your head.

    If you have high density, you’ve got a lot of hairs on your head. Those are more of the hair types that tend to call thicker and more prominent hair.

    On the opposite side, there is low density. You don’t have as many hairs on your head, so your hair can tend to look a little bit more thin and flat. Then medium density is a normal average amount of hairs on your head.

 How to Choose Density?

    There is three major density in the hairs market: 130%, 150%, 180%. Here are some tips for you to choose a suitable density for your wig.

    130%(medium): This hair density is the regular density that many girls most accept. These wigs are the closest to natural human hair, which creates a more realistic look.

    150%(medium to heavy): This hair density is slightly heavier than 130%. It would be a great choice for those girls who want a full look but without being overwhelming.

    180%(heavy): This is a pretty heavy wig that is perfect for special occasions. It gives the ultimate fullness.

    Understanding the hair wig density is an essential factor for choosing a wig. Meetu Hair provides you three types of hair density wigs and 100% virgin human hair.

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