How to Take Care of Bone Straight Hair?

    Hi there, this is Meetu Hair. With the arrival of autumn, the temperature begins to drop gradually. Bone straight hair will become more and more popular. Bone straight hair is the best selling item most time. However, not everyone knows how to maintain bone straight hair properly. So today, we will share you with some care tips for bone straight hair to help take good care of your bone straight hair.

How to take care of bone straight hair?| Meetu Hair

    When you receive the bone straight hair from the shipping company, usually, the hair is folded to fit the package. When you take the bone straight hair out of the box, you might see the hair looks a bit messy, so please shake the hair first. Then, the hair will come back into its texture.

    Please remember to apply the hair serum to add moisture to the hair before combing the hair. When you detangle the hair, please starts at the bottom, then work the way up to the root. The characteristic of human hair is easy to get tangled at the tail, so comb it first. Don’t do the opposite, or you will cause the hair to shed like crazy.

   When you see curls appear on the bone straight hair, don’t worry, take a hair straighter to straight it out. Spit the hair into small pieces and straighten it at an appropriate temperature. The high heat will cause damage to it. We suggested using about 360 Fahrenheit for natural black hair and 320 Fahrenheit for colored hair. Since the hair after dyeing, it will become much fragile.

    Lastly, the bone straight hair may be dry, greasy, dirty from the dust in the hair, or tangled due to dryness. Regular washing and conditioning will help avoid these issues. Therefore, when you find that your bone straight hair is getting dirty, don’t hesitate to wash it and apply a mass of conditioner on the hair to moisture it.

    Knowing how to deal with hair is the key to getting silky and smooth bone straight hair. At the same time, proper maintenance will make your hair last longer and save you money.

    Let’s contact Meetu Hair for the most affordable bone straight hair. You can get both the bone straight hair wig and the bone straight hair weaves at Besides, you can get the most expert hair care tips on Meetu Hair as well. Once you subscribe to our blog, you can enjoy a special $16 coupon, coupon code: BG16. If you find this guide helps, don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

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