How to Keep Water Wave Hair From Frizzing?

    Hey ladies, this is Meetu Hair. Are you a busy girl? Do you hate that the water wave hair gets big and frizzy and out of control? Well, what we will show you today is how you can tame those curls, bring that frizz down, and how you can have beautiful perfect curl effortlessness. Follow all the steps to ensure that your water wave hair will not get out of control anymore. 

How to keep water wave hair from frizzing?

    First, make sure the weft is sealed. Keep in mind that long water wave hair will always fall a little more because there is more hair in the weft, so it's much heavier. We would suggest you use a weft sealer, which is a great adhesive. It will lock the hair into the weft so that it will secure that. You can keep your hair for about a year or two years.

    A lot of times, the water wave hair gets frizzy because it is weightless. It needs a lot of products, but many times we do not use enough product on it. So it doesn't have enough weight in it, which is why the hair is getting so big. If you put weight and products on the hair, it folds down or calms down. Besides, by the combing, it gets the curl, then you can see the natural shape of the water wave hair you purchased.

    Before you put any water or conditioner in your hair, you need to make sure you already comb through your hair. Ensure you get it nice and get all the product through every section of your hair. The curls are completely wet, as this will give your hair a natural curly shape. If you do not comb and separate every single strand from one another, it will look frizzy.

    We found that if you let the hair dry, the water wave curls will be more natural. But if you have no time to let it air dry, you can defuse it. Some Coconut oil helps to lock in the moisture in the hair. But some people worry that Coconut oil will make their hair look greasy. Don't worry! It will not make the hair look greasy. It can keep it as far away from frizzing.

    Some clear generic gel is also helpful for you to keep away from frizzy hair. Add some on the comb and comb it through the hair from the root to the ends. Use a little bit more gel directly to the very ends so that it will not puff up.

    Remember, water wave hair will fluff up if it doesn't have enough product. If you put the product on, please be generous. Put the product on, and it will weigh the hair back down. We hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for reading. Meetu Hair provides you with the most affordable human hair wig, so you can get what you need on Here is a $16 coupon special for you, coupon code: BG16. If you need a water wave hair wig, don’t hesitate, buy it now.

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