Quick and Easy Way To Bring The Water Wave Hair Back To Life

    Having curly hair is a lot of work that you have to maintain the hair like your own natural hair. The water wave curls will become loose and dry as time went by. Also, it will look messy and spinning; you can barely see the curl pattern, and so essential to be fixing it by bringing it down. Today, Meetu Hair will show you how to get the water wave hair back to life after looking crazy and dry.
    If the water wave hair textures just very off and it's a little coarse, so it means that it needs to be deep conditioned.

Quick and Easy Way To Bring The Water Wave Hair Back To Life
    Step1: First of all, we need to section some parts of the hair and detangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb or a Denman brush. Please remember to start combing the hair from the bottom and working the way up to the top, which would reduce your hair shedding.
    Step2: Since the hair is too dry, we need to spray the water on the hair. We can get some hair clips to separate the hair so that we can function better. Our needs are to make it damp but not so wet. After spraying the water on the hair, you will see that the curls are coming back by themselves. Continue doing that until you feel the waves are like the water wave hair is regular curls.
    Step3: We also need to put some leave-in condition, get a good amount of conditioner, and moisturize the hair. And start again brush the hair, starting from the bottom, working the way up to the top with the detangling brush, which will help bring the curls back.
    Step4: If you also want to add some tea tree oil back to the water wave hair, the oil also helps the hair not to be so dry. Once the hair is completely dried, sometimes the curls staying like this, and it's going to get a little bit bigger, but we should still be able to manage the hair.
    That is a quick and easy way to bring your water wave hair back to life. In general, this process will take you about 20 minutes, sometimes less than 20 minutes. It depends on the stage of the hair.

    We've come to the end of the blog, hope you guys enjoyed this blog, and if you have any question or want to get cheap human hair wigs in Meetu Hair, please contact us to get a surprise discount.

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