Tips and Tricks to Rock Your Halloween Wig

    Wigs are great ways to transform our look. If you have a perfect Halloween fancy dress costume, you will also want a suitable wig to complete the look. At the Halloween carnival, some tips will make your wig more striking and secure.

Tips and Tricks to Rock Your Halloween Wig| Meetu Hair

1. Be comfortable wearing your wig

    The Halloween wig is user-friendly and easy to wear. Whether you want to scare someone or give someone a shock, here is some information that can make you feel comfortable.

    When purchasing a wig for your costume, grab a nylon wig cap designed to keep your natural hair in place and add a buffering layer between you and the wig, making it more comfortable. To secure the wig firmly, please added security with a few bobby pins on either side of your ears. Place them through the wig into the cap, crossing them in an X shape.

2. Wear the wig straight out of the bag

    Although most costume wigs for Halloween can be worn straight out of the bag, with a bit of fluffing before putting it on will be better.

    Take the wig out of the package, turn it upside down and give it a firm shake. Allowing the fibers a little hang time, which can help with any misshaping that occurs in storage. Be careful when handling a synthetic wig. If you hand it for too long, it gets tangled easily.

    When the hair is tangled together, comb the wig with a wide-toothed comb to loosen any tangles. Besides, a little moisture spray can work wonders to help remove knots that can occur from overhandling.

3. Fix your wig to add volume

    If you want to add some of the volumes on your wig, you can roughen the wig at the base. Matting the wig at the root will add a little lift. To keep the effect, add some hair spray for hold. Do not want to mat your hair? You can increase hair volume by doubling. Try stacking two bundles together. This method works better for curly hair wigs.

4. Hair-thinning tips

    A thinner wig or stocking cap can offer sheer perfection without cutting any hair. For some particular look, make sure your hair expose as little as possible. Braid or wrap your hair around your head as close and smooth to your head as possible, then put it under a wig cap. 

    Want a bald look? Try a stocking cap that closes to your flesh tone, and place it over your hair. If you only want to be bald and have hair on both sides, wear a stocking cap, and add beard or mustache hair. Glue the hair of the beard to the bottom of the sock cap with hair safety glue. Do this on a foam head form and place wax paper or aluminum foil on the base of the head for easier removal. Please pay attention to allow enough drying time.

5. Experiment with colors

    Coloring your hair in a salon takes time, effort, and money. Wigs, on the other hand, come in a rainbow of colors. If you do not want to spend time and money on the hair salon, you can start with a white wig and use a color spray to create your desired color. Use a spray safe for hair, and always spray in a well-ventilated area. 

    Be cautious: your temporary color will fade when you do, so keep it off the clothes and furniture you care about. If you are less patient in coloring your hair, then choose a wig in the base color you desire and some clip-in color hair. It’s quick, easy, and less messy.

    Thanks for reading. Team Meetu Hair wishes you a happy Halloween.

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