Natural Black Wig or Colored Wig, Which One to Choose?

    With the improvement of consumers' aesthetic awareness, consumers' demand for wigs is becoming increasingly diversified. For example, people's needs for hair texture and color are highly variable. Therefore, colored wigs have become more and more popular. This article will be divided into two parts to explain how to choose among them. The first part is natural color wigs, and the second part is color wigs.

1. Natural Black Hair Wigs

    First of all, before talking about colored wigs, let's talk about classic natural black wigs.

    The natural black color is a color that is between #1 jet black and #2 dark brown, which is nearest to the original natural human hair color, so that is why it is named natural black. Natural black hair color is a classic and conventional hair color, which never goes wrong. Therefore, it is a conservative choice for most customers.

2. Colored Hair Wigs 

    When it comes to colored hair wigs, there are more choices, including the bright 613 blonde hair wig, warm ginger color wig, charming 99J Burgundy wig, unique highlights wig, etc.

    The natural black hair has become a little bit boring for stylish young people of a new era. Most young people in modern times pursue freedom and individualism. Color hair wigs can express individuality. But the classic natural black will never go wrong, which suits any skin tone and is also much affordable. If you plan to order a color hair wig, here are some tips on choosing the color that suits you best.

Natural Black Wig or Colored Wig, Which One to Choose?| Meetu Hair

How to choose a suitable wig color?

    How to choose a suitable wig color is always a thorny issue. The right wig color can better reflect your beauty and show your charm. You may need to make efforts in the following three aspects to choose a suitable color wig.

Skin color

    Generally speaking, human skin color can be divided into two categories: light skin and dark skin. In general, we would recommend that you choose the same color tone as your skin tone. For example, people with light skin tones choose light hair colors, and people with dark skin tones can choose dark hair colors since similar tones can match better.

Eye color

    The correct hair color can make your eyes stand out. If your eyes are blue or green, and your skin is cool-toned, light-colored hair will suit you better, such as blonde. If your eye color is hazel or brown, and your skin is warm-toned, darker hair is better, like natural black or dark brown. For more details, you can check the picture below for reference.

Natural Black Wig or Colored Wig, Which One to Choose?| Meetu Hair

Different occasions

    For formal occasions, a natural black hair wig will be more suitable, which will make you look more professional and mature. For some private parties, you can try a brighter color, such as orange, which will make you become the focus of people. 

    That is all the tips for you. Which one to choose is entirely up to you, and the most important thing is to choose according to your preferences. Meetu Hair offers both the natural black hair wig and color hair wig at an affordable price. If you want to order a high-quality human hair wig, please visit! Hurry up and come on! Surprise discounts and gifts are here waiting for you.

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