Tips You Need to Know about Human Hair Weave!

    Hey, beauties, this is Meetu Hair, we are back with another blog, and this one is some tips about human hair weaves. If you are fond of human hair bundles or human hair bundles with closure, we are sure you need to know them. We collected all these tips through Google and our resources. We hope you enjoy it.

Tips You Need to Know about Human Hair Weave!| Meetu Hair

    Tip 1: If it hurts your head while doing your hair at a hair salon, get out and do not go there anymore. Of course, the track should be firm, but it should not give you headaches and pull your hair.

    Tip 2: Some people are confusing how to wash and maintain their sew-in weaves. It is easy to clean the weaves like you are washing your natural hair. Be sure to shampoo all up in the roots, make sure it is seeping, and all the crevices of the hair scrubbing, and you can even let it sit in there a little bit if you feel like it is not up in there, and then rinse it out.

    Tip 3: Do not forget to condition your sew-in weaves as well as your natural hair. Deep treatments make the hair last longer and look a lot better.

    Tip 4: You can use heat on your human hair weave, but please remember do not to overdo it with the heat. We do not recommend you to do heat on the hair every single day. As we all know, the heat will cause damage to our hair.

    Tip 5: Oiling the hair is necessary since we do not want any breakage or dry scalp. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, any oil that nourishes your hair. Do not forget to oil your baby hair and your edges as well. 

    Tip 6: Make sure to give your sew-in weave a break. Taking breaks is the best for your hair. It does promote a lot of hair growth, also going to relieve a lot of breakages. If you see a lot of breakages when you take out of the weave, that means you need to give your hair more breaks.

   Tip 7: Avoid using glue adhesive on your human hair weave. Using glue adhesive on the weave is not healthy, and gluing weaves will rip your hair out. If you have to use glue on your weave, do not leave it in too long.

    Tip 8: Shape the hair is something that many people will not do. It is suitable for all types of hair textures, but it works much better on wavy hair. Some layers on the curly hair will make it looks much better. And most people do not like slicked-down hair. So you can learn how to add some layers to your hair. 

    Tip 9: Trim your hair when it is necessary. Sometimes the ends of the hair are not protected, and it will tend to break off. So be sure to know you can trim your ends to maintain health in your hair.

    Tip 10: Protecting your hair with scarves and covering it up when sleeping. Wrap your hair and cover it up with scarves helps to maintain the beauty of the hair.

    Tip 11: A wide-toothed comb is your BFF. Always use a wide-tooth comb, especially if you got a curly hair wig. The wide wide-tooth comb will help you to detangle all the knots on the hair.

    Tip 12: Last but not least, learn to love your natural hair. We should take care of the sew-in weave on our heads, but most importantly, learn how to love your hair and work with your hair before you try to work with anything else.

    We hope you all have learned something from this blog, and don’t forget to subscribe. Now, we provide our subscribers with a special coupon of $16, coupon code: BG16. Please visit to buy cheap human hair wigs and human hair weaves. More surprise discounts are waiting for you!

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