How to Fix a Greasy Bone Straight Hair Wig Quickly?

    Hi there, it is Meetu Hair. If you are someone who has oily skin, we think you must have this problem. When you wear the human hair wig or weaves, the hair will get greasy because of the oils on your skin. When you have no time to wash your hair, and at the same time you need to go out, the tips following will help you to control those greasy bone straight hair wigs.

How to fix a greasy bone straight hair wig quickly?| Meetu Hair

    The first thing to remember is that we always want our hair to be clean and looks fresh. So we have to wash our human hair wig regularly. All the tips we show you help you stay fresh for a while in your busy life, and you need to clean it later when you are free.

Method 1: baby powder

    As we all know, bone straight hair is not easy to get frizzy as wavy hair, so it does not need too much oil. When there is too much oil on it, it will weigh down and looks greasy. It is so vital to know how to avoid that. 

    You maybe have noticed that the front part of the wig is easier to get greasy, but the back of the wig still looks nice. Why? That is mainly because no oils are touching that part at the back. However, the hair at the front is always touching our face and the oil on the face. 

    When you feel that your hair is greasy, using baby powder is a good remedy. Rub the powder on and smooth it out in the hair, then you will see the magic. This baby powder absorbs all of the oils from this hair. Therefore, by drying straight hair in this way, the hair will be as flowing as you think. After sprinkling the powder on your bone straight hair wig, use a brush to remove all the excess powder from the wig. Finally, adding a little bit of sheen product to correct that. But please do not put too much oil or sheen product; otherwise, you will return to the way you just tried to fix it.

Method 2: dry shampoo

    If we have no time to wash our hair, dry shampoo is also the perfect product to help us get rid of greasy wigs.

    Before using the dry shampoo, it would be better to brush the hair. Detangle all the knots out of the bone straight hair, especially the back of the wig, which is more likely to rub with the nape, so most of the time, it is the area the most tangled. 

    Then put the bone straight hair wig on a mannequin head and spray the dry shampoo on it. The dry shampoo can freshen the hair and remove the excess oil on the hair to give us a fresh look. The hair around the hairline is the oiliest, so we need to pay more attention to the hair around the hairline. Be sure to spray all the hair strands and then brush the hair once again to get the product throughout the hair.

    These products work well but please remember that they can’t take the replace of washing your hair. We must stress that you must wash your hair to give it the best life span.

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