Weaves Tips You Need To Know!

    Hey, beauties, if you are fond of human hair weaves or hair bundles with closure, this blog will help you. Today, we will share you with some weaves tips that you need to know. 

Weaves tips you need to know

    Tip 1: Before you get your weave, you need to condition your natural hair. Ensure that your hair is taken care of, moisturize and strengthen before you put it in hiding underneath that weaves. 

    Tip 2: Lots of people don't know how many bundles they should buy. It all depends on the length of the hair. The longer the hair, the more bundles you need. Because each hair bundle is 100g, and the hair is longer, it is heavier as well as the density of the bundles does get thinner. If you are getting inches between 8 to 16 or even 18 inches, you only need two to three bundles with closure, but if you're going above 18 inches, you will need about three or four bundles with closure

    Tip 3: When installing, if it gives you a headache or you feel your hair is getting pulled out, that's not a good thing. You need to tell your hairstylist to stop. You feel pain, so it means that either your braids are too tight or they sew your tracks in too tight, which will lead to tension and breakage of your hair. Tension alopecia, you haven't heard of that? That's the constant tension of hair on your scalp, and that is sometimes not even reversible. 

    Tip 4: Don't neglect your natural hair, which is significant. You need to protect your natural hair all the time. Wash your natural hair while it's installed as well as your weaves. You can wash your hair while it's installed, don't forget washing your natural hair, which can lead to your real hair becoming dry and breaking.

    Tip 5: Don't overuse heat on your natural hair or extensions because it will damage the hair and get bare. Especially your natural hair, they can not handle the heat, and it will cause even more breakage and more damage to your natural hair and weaves. It doesn't mean hardly use heat at all, but do not do it every day. Also, you can learn how to achieve heat-free styles on your hair to achieve different curl types. 

    Tip 6: Usually, human hair bundles with closure will give you the most natural look, but if you don't plan on wearing a closure. Make sure that the hair that you choose to install it's pretty similar to your natural hair. If you want to get a texture of hair that doesn't match your natural hair, then get closure. That's what closures are for. 

    Tip 7: Avoid using glue in weaves because it's not easy to take them down properly. For the most time, it will pull your hair out with it. That causes damage to your hair. If you want no hair, then go ahead.

    Tip 8: Wedon't recommend putting products on your weaves, except curly hair. You can put a little bit of conditioner in your wavy hair to moisture it, but with straight hair, it is not recommended to put the excessive product on it because that's only going to weigh your hair down and cause it to get dirty faster.

    Tip 9: Don't leave your installs in for more than two months. It can be so damaging while it has been installed for a long time. Your hair will start to become entangled in the thread and the webs of the track.

    Tip 10: Give your hair a break between installs. Even if your hair isn't braided tight or anything, it's still constant tension on your hair, then your hair is going to react negatively to that, and it can also lead to tension alopecia. So please let your hair breathe, wear it out a little bit.

    Tip 11: Last but not least, don't purchase bad-quality hair bundles to save your money. If you don't know where to buy high-quality human hair weaves or human hair bundles with closure, Meetu Hair will be your ideal vendor. We have our own hair factory, so we are sure that all the weaves are made of virgin human hair at an affordable price.

    Now, there is back to school sale in Meetu Hair. Once you purchase hair from www.meetuhair.com, you can enjoy a surprise discount.

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