What length of hair bundles with lace closure is perfect for purchasing?

    Hey, beauties. This is Meetu Hair. in today's blog, I have a highly requested topic. A lot of people want to know what length closure or frontal goes with what length bundles. We are trying to show you the different results with different lengths of bundles with closure and how to match the bundles with closure

    If you don't understand what closure is, we give you a breakdown. A closure is a hairpiece that works to close off your weaves, so it's named lace closure. Now the traditional size is the 4x4 lace closure and 5x5 lace closure. Some vendors have released 6x6 or 7x7 lace closure. But 4x4 lace closures are still in for people that don't like baby hair. Because the bigger the closure means that the more space that gives you for baby hair. Not everybody likes baby hair. Besides, less lace which is less work, a lot of people like less maintenance.

What length of hair bundles with lace closure is perfect for purchasing?

About the length of bundles and closure

    When it comes to the length of closures, most vendors offer 10 to 20 inches. You can also find some vendors that offer 22 and 24 inches closures. However, you may find that hair wasn't as good as the people that just stuck to the traditional. It may have more shedding.

    As for human hair bundles, most companies supply 8 to 30 inches. Most people are purchasing 12 to 30 inches. So 12 to 30 inches are the normal lengths for bundles, and 10 to 20 inches is the stock size of closures. 

How to choose the right length for bundles with closure?

    Usually, we recommend you to get the same length closure as the shortest length bundle that you have. If you have 12, 14, 16 inches bundles, you would need a 12 inches closure. Because 12 inches is the shortest link you got, it will give you a flowing effect. If you want a layering effect, you can choose a closure that is two inches shorter than the shortest length bundle you have. For example, you have 12 14 16 inches bundles; you get a 10 inches closure instead of a 12 inches lace closure. Some people do it for it's a little cheaper, but most people get the same length as the shorter bundle.

    Now, some people will confuse. If I get three of the same length bundles with closure, such as three bundles 26 inches hair, what's the perfect closure length for me? As I said, there is typically 10 to 20 inches closure in the hair market. So 20 inches is enough. If you blend your hair correctly, you won't be able to see a big line of demarcation. It just follows together. It won't look bad, it looks good, because you know nobody's hair is the same length.

    Now, do you know how to match the length of bundles with closure? It doesn't matter if you don't. Since there are human hair bundles with closure sale in packs in Meetu Hair, you can get human hair two bundles with closure, human hair three bundles with closure, and if you want a more volume hairstyle, you can also get four bundles with closure. Meetu Hair offers a variety of lengths of human hair bundles with closure for you. The back to school sale is ongoing. You can enjoy huge discounts on all of our products, not only human hair bundles with closure but also human hair wigs. Visit www.meetuhair.com to get more information.

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