Why is Bone Straight Hair on the Trend?

    Recently, bone straight hair has become a huge trend. A lot of women break the bank to jump on it. Have you ever thought about what straight hair is? Why is it so in vogue? Keep on reading to get the answer in this blog. 

Why is Bone Straight Hair on the Trend?

What is bone straight hair?

    Bone straight hair is a type of hair that is raw, straight, and sleek. Although the bone straight hair has always been there, it only became more prominent in the late 2020s. The bone straight hair has become more and more modish because of its silk texture. Powerful women claim that the longer their hair, the sexier and more powerful they are, and the same is true of their choice of long hair.

    There are three types of bone straight hair in the hair market, single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn. The bone straight hair shares a few similarities with natural straight hair, but there are some differences between them. After collection from the donors, the bone straight hair goes through pre-treatment, then it has been straightened with heat for the final product, while natural hair requires no heat or processing. The bone straight hair is softer, silkier, and smoother, while natural straight hair is fuller and lightly wavy.

    The bone straight hair also requires little or no styling, it can't curl, and it is not advisable to color. However, if you want to change its color, note that it can be tinted to a bright blonde. 

Why is the bone straight hair on the trend suddenly?

    The bone straight hair has been around for years. If you go online and check Youtube or elsewhere, you will see that videos about bone straight hair as far back as 2017. 

    The bone straight hair is welcome for its smooth hair texture, which looks silk and magnificent. When you put it in the middle part, it usually falls and is even to the tips. Usually, other hair textures have split ends at the tip, but bone straight hair has this bulk feeling additive and looks more durable.

    The quality of this hair is different from normal straight hair. Besides, it is also much easier to maintain. Even after the washing, the hair will not mess up, and it will always look straight.

Is it a good investment?

    When it comes to that, frankly speaking, hair is also an investment. We think it is worth it. Getting a good quality wig is very important. If you plan on ordering a bone straight hair wig, Meetu Hair will be your ideal choice. Meetu Hair is the hair vendor that you can trust. We supply high-quality human hair wigs at an affordable price. And now there is a special $16 coupon for you, coupon code: BG16. Come on and enjoy the discount.

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