Why Your Wig Did Not Fit You?

    Hi, this is Meetu Hair. We know that sometimes you put in a lot of effort to make a wig look good, but sometimes it will not work. Even some small things can make the wig not fit us anymore. For example, the lace wig is too tight on our heads, the wig is sliding off, or the wig is just not laying naturally, which is so annoying. Today, we will share why this may be happening and some tips and tricks to help you work out these issues.

Why Your Wig Did Not Fit You?

    The main reason why your wig did not fit you is the surrounding construction of the wig. The wig size is the most vital thing we need to pay attention to. First, be sure to know your head size before buying a wig. Make sure you get accurate measurements around the circumference and choose the suitable wig size for your head. If you want to customize the wig with human hair bundles with closure by yourself, be sure to use the appropriate size mannequin head. Otherwise, your wig will not fit you properly.

    The second thing that we need to consider is the wig cap. There are different sizes of wig caps. Try to buy a one-size-fits-all wig cap, or if there are different sizes, like small, medium, and large, try getting a medium or even getting a large one. Because if you get a large one when you sew it onto the wig cap, it may shrink a little bit. 

    Make sure you are getting the correct wig cap. Some wig caps are not supposed to use to make wigs. If you don’t know which one to choose, we suggest selecting the simple dome cap wig cap. It is one of the regular ones, and it is super affordable. Or you can go to the beauty supply store and ask which wig cap is suited for making a wig.

    The next is sewing. Usually, it takes a lot of time sewing or gluing the bundles with closure into a wig, but it did not always fit us, which will be a waste of time. Here are some tips for you to make the wig more perfect. We are not supposed to sew through the entire wig cap. Usually, the wig cap is two-layer, so we should sew through the first layer of the wig cap. Besides, please do not sew on the elastic band, which will make it fit you more.

    Another reason your wig is not lying flat on your head is you did not create a flat base underneath the wig. Before wearing a wig, we need to prepare our hair and braid it into some braids, which will make it look more natural and safe.

    That’s why your wig did not fit you perfectly, and all my tips for you. We hope you find this guide helpful. Now Meetu Hair has a special $16 coupon for you, coupon code: BG16. If you plan to order a cheap human hair wig, please visit www.meetuhair.com to select your favorite wig.

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