Best Way To Revive Water Wave Hair When Back To School

    Hey, beauties. Are you annoyed about the maintenance of the wavy hair? We heard so many complaints about the maintenance of wavy hair. We will show you how to get your water wave hair wig or water wave hair bundles from the dry and frizzy curls to the nice bouncy juicy, and beautiful curls. Especially if you are ready to back to school or back to work, keep on reading. This easy method will help you in your busy life.

Best Way To Revive Water Wave Hair When Back To School

    Step 1: The first thing you need to do is brush for the hair, taking a powder brush brushing through the hair, try to getting rid of any knots or kinks that might be in the hair. Don't worry about the hair shed. Gently brush from the hair tip, then up to the root. This is the best way to reduce the hair shed. This step will make everything a lot simpler once you get rid of the knots before washing. So definitely make sure that you detangle the knots in advance.

    Step 2: Then, we are going to the washing step. Just basically putting water through the water wave hair. We find that getting the hair as damp as possible helps out in the washing process because the conditioner tends to glad right on. Make sure that you cover everything and that you get every area of the wig. Once the water wave hair is entirely damp, put on the conditioner and massage it gently with your hands.  

    Step 3: You'd better use a Denman brush if you have water hair or other wavy hair because it does wonders for your hair. Put the conditioner in, take a Denman brush, and work through the hair, then go ahead and brush the hair through. After that, you will see the hair is already looking a million times better than what we had when we started. The curls are looking more hydrated. The hair is just looking healthier overall.

    Step 4: What you're going to do after the hair has been conditioned is rinse out the product. Make sure that you're rinsing well. So that you're not leaving any product in your hair, and you're preventing any buildup that might happen.

    Step 5: After rinsing out the hair, it's up to you whether to comb the hair or not. Then using a cotton t-shirt to get rid of the excess water in the hair helps prevent frizz.

    Step 6: Finally, we recommend using some oil, shine serum and curl cream to moisture the hair. These products also help to prevent the hair from getting frizzy. They will also keep your water wave hair wig shiny for longer. Then let the hair air dry. If you want to diffuse your hair, please set that to cool because you don't want to use any heat on your hair.

    That's all the steps to revive the water wave hair. This easy method won't take too much time. It's perfect for someone busy. If you have no time to do it, you can do it on the weekend after back to school.

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