Is it necessary to co-wash deep wave hair when back to school?

    Hey, beauties, this is Meetu Hair. Are you ready to come back to school with your wigs? Do you know how to take care of your human hair wigs when back to school? Stay tuned. We will share you with some back to school human hair wig care tips. Today, we are going to talk about co-washing. We will explore whether it is necessary to co-wash the deep wave hair when back to school?

Is it necessary to co-wash deep wave hair when back to school?

What is co-wash?

    Co-wash is using a cleansing conditioner to cleanse the hair and make sure that you retain moisture in the hair. So you would smooth the co-wash through your hair. 

Is co-wash important for deep wave hair?

    There is no doubt that co-wash is essential for deep wave hair. Why is it so vital? Because when we are shampooing the deep wave hair multiple times a week, the curls will be drying out. The frizzy hair will make you look bad. We are sure that you don't want to show your classmate with frilly hair when back to school.

When do we need to co-wash deep wave hair?

    When you are back to school, maybe you won't have much time to maintain your hair. Therefore we recommended shampooing the deep wave hair every 7 to 10 days. But in between, sometimes, we also need to co-wash the hair to keep the hair healthy and shiny.

The difference between shampoo and co-wash

    Let's quickly look at the differences between shampooing and co-washing. When you are shampooing, the main goal is to keep your hair clean. But after shampooing, the deep wave hair will become dry due to the nature of wavy hair. So once we rinse the hair out that is when our hair becomes cleansed, we need to follow it with a conditioner and a deep conditioner at all times. Usually, we don't need to use a conditioner after co-washing. Since the co-wash already has conditioning elements in it. But you can also follow it with a deep conditioner. It depends on the condition of your hair at that moment and your preference. 

How to co-wash deep wave hair when back to school?

    For the product, we recommend using actual co-washing products because they cleanse my hair a lot better than conditioner. 

    First, squeeze co-washing products in a bowl or sink, and add lukewarm water. Then, put the deep wave hair wig into the water and get the conditioned water all over the hair. At the same time, using our fingers to running through the hair to ensure that there is no tangle in it. Rinsing all the units ensuring that everything is cleaned from the hair, and then squeeze the conditioned water out. Finally, put some fresh lukewarm water and rinsing out all the products on the hair to ensure that it's clean and fresh.

    Hope you find this guide helpful. Now, Meetu Hair is on back to school sale. If you did not get your new back to school wig for the new semester, Meetu Hair cheap human hair wigs are waiting for you. 

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