How To Choose Between Deep Wave Hair And Curly Hair

As virgin human hair becomes increasingly popular, people face more and more choices at the hairstyle and the hair texture. As for the hair texture, there is Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair. Hairstyles include straight hair, deep wave hair, curly hair, etc. Most people would prefer to choose curly hair or deep wave hair for the coming summer days. But we have found that some people have no idea about the differences between them, so today, we will talk about deep wave human hair and curly human hair.

Deep wave hair
The deep wave hair pattern is close to jerry curly. The curling of deep wave hair is tighter than body waves but looser than curly hair. However, they have the same texture and high quality. Deep wave hair has a silky texture, and it looks shiny. Of course, proper maintenance is the foundation for a longer life span.

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Curly Hair

Curly hair is also named jerry curly hair. It is a little different from the deep wave hair. The curls are small and dense, and it is full from top to bottom with a natural sheen.

Meetu Hair online store offers affordable curly hair, which can meet your needs for a full head. You can choose various hairstyles, like Brazilian curly hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, and Indian hair.

The Differences Between Deep Wave Hair And Curly Hair
1. Curls
Deep wave hair has loose curls while the curly hair is in small and tight curls, so the curly hair is relatively fluffy. Curly hair is more like African American women's hair and natural.

2. Maintenance
Both deep weave human hair and curly hair need to be taken care of. However, curly hair is in a 'Z' pattern, which is a type that turns around itself. So that, the curly hair would require a lot of maintenance and special care.

The Similarities Of The Deep Wave Hair And Curly Hair

1. Texture
Both the curly hair and deep wave hair are unprocessed because they are from young girl donors. They can be dyed, permed, and bleached. Both the deep wave hair and curly hair will be perfect for girls who still have weaves done and want to have some hair left out. They can blend well with any naturally textured hair.

2. Curls
Many customers mix the deep wave hair and curly hair up since they are in a similar curl pattern. But no matter how similar they are, there are differences, and if you look carefully, you will find that.

3. Maintenance
Deep wave hair and curly hair both have curls. As we all know, curly hair needs more care. Because they are dryer than straight hair. Although they look strong, they are fragile and easy to tangle, as it is tightly coiled hair, so they both require high maintenance to keep it for a long time.

Through this blog, we hope that you can learn more about these two different hairstyles. And if you are looking for a cheap human hair wig, Meetu Hair is the best choice for you. Buy the best quality deep wave human hair at Meetu Hair, a big surprise for you.

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