How to Find the Most Natural-Looking Wig for Back to School Wearing?

    Hi there, this is Meetu Hair. Are you considering purchase a new wig for back to school wearing? But the tricky part is you do not know which one can give you the most natural look? There are various wigs in the hair market. It is not easy for a wig beginner to choose a good quality and natural wig.

    To help you find the most natural-looking wig, we asked a stylist to explain it in detail for us. The following is what they said.

How_to_Find_the_Most_Natural-Looking_Wig_for_Back-to-School_Wearing?| Meetu Hair

Choose the human hair wig

    When you go back to school and want the most natural-looking wig, choose a wig made of virgin human hair. There are typically two types material of wigs: human hair and synthetic hair. As you might have guessed, the human hair wig looks the most natural because it is made of 100% virgin human hair collected from donors. It falls and swings like natural hair. In addition, the hair can be blow-dried, curled, or ironed the natural hair.

    There are different types of human hair, mainly Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Cambodian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair. Each type of hair has its characteristics. You can choose according to your own needs.

    Brazilian hair has a shiny appearance and soft feel, which is one of the hot-selling hair on the market. It is famous for its plump body, beautiful bouncing, and wonderful texture. Brazilian hair is in vogue among African American women. This type of hair can be maintained for a long time and is easy to maintain. That is why Brazilian virgin hair is very prevalent.

    Peruvian virgin hair is coarser and more durable than Brazilian hair, so that will be blended well in natural relaxing hair textures on African-American women. The Peruvian hair is very light but carries a lot of volumes and looks natural.

    Cambodian hair is hair collected from Cambodian donors. This genre of hair is soft, natural, and gorgeous. At the same time, the hair is very light, giving you a comfortable feeling.

    The main texture of Malaysian hair is soft, smooth, and silky, and once you wash it 2 -3 times, it will retain its original texture. It is also the strongest hair on the hair market. That is why it can be maintained well and lasted longer with proper care. 

    Indian hair is much soft and thin than the other types of hair. It has a slight bounce. It makes curling and styling easy. If you like versatile and flexible hairstyles, then Indian virgin hair is a good choice.

Choose lace wig

    Among the many types of wigs, lace wigs are the ones that give you the most realistic appearance. You can choose either a lace front wig, lace closure wig, or T part wig. Each one of them can give you a natural look.

    Do remember that a natural and beautiful wig is inseparable from careful care. Please don’t forget to take care of your wig after back to school, even in a busy life.

    Of course, you can order a human hair wig from the online store. Meetu hair is the hair vendor you can trust. We supply all types of hair, also a variety of hair textures you can choose, loose wave hair, deep wave, curly hair, water wave hair, or straight hair. You can get what you need on our website. If you want to get more information, please visit to find your favorite back to school wig. Once you order, you can enjoy Meetu Hair back to school surprise discount.

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