How to create soft baby hair with loose deep wave hair when back to school?

    Hey, beauties, this is Meetu Hair. After the vacation, many of you will back to school. Are you still struggles with baby hair? Have you mastered the art of creating the hairline? Do you want to show your classmates how natural your wig fits? We know you enjoy a natural look for the back to school day, so we are sure that soft baby hair will give you a fresh look. It is so cute in the summertime. You don't need to worry about your hair sweating out. The soft baby hair will always slide down your face. Here is an easy tutorial on creating soft baby hair with loose deep wave hair. We hope you will enjoy it.

How to create soft baby hair with loose deep wave hair when back to school

    Step 1: We start to create the soft baby hair after the loose deep hair wig has been installed. First of all, we need to pull out some baby hair lightly, and then cut it away at the length you like. But don't cut it too short, because we need to curl it. If it's too short, it's not easy to handle. This hair length should still be long enough to push back if we don't need all this hair.

    Step2: The main ingredient to achieving soft baby hair with loose deep wave hair is a tiny flat iron. Grab a small strand of hair, comb it through with an edges brush, then take the flat iron to curl it. Curling it from the beginning and keep twirling to the hair tips. When curling the hair, please be careful that you don't burn your forehead. Then let it cold down so that the curl can form. 

    Do it a little by a little, one side by one side. You can adjust it to your liking as you make it. Don't be afraid to take out some more hair when it is necessary. It's your style and preference, but make sure you do it a little at a time. Because you don't want to take out a large chunk of hair, cut it, and try to curl it. So just for peace of mind, go little by little to see what you want. 

    Step 3: Take an edges brush to gently brush the baby hair because we don't want to brush out the curl. 

    Step 4: We need to use some products to shape the baby hair to make it last longer. But we do not suggest using anything like foam or setting foam. Because these products are too wet, it's going to reverse your curls. Use something that will tame the baby hair. The spray would be better. It helps to hold the curl. Then it's not stuck to your face. Spritz the brush a little bit, then use the brush to brush out the hair gently. You can also use your finger to guide the curl. Just shape it as your liking.

    That's all the steps to create a soft baby with loose deep wave hair. You can also use this method to create soft baby hair on your other human hair wig. This method is so effortless. Once you learn to use it effectively, it's taking you only about 10 minutes. You can create soft baby hair in the morning, even after back to school. 

    Hope this helps you to create your back to school fresh look. Meetu hair is on back to school sale. If you are looking for an affordable back to school wig, visit to enjoy the big discount and order your new wig for the new semester.

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