How to style wavy hair and preserve its curl pattern when back to school?

    Even though we love human hair wigs for their natural look and built-in style, it also means that we need to pay more attention to hair care and hairstyle, especially for wavy hair, like water wave hair, deep wave hair. But after back to school, you may not have enough time to style your hair.

How to style wavy hair and preserve their curl pattern when back to school

    There are many versatile looks you can create by using a few simple techniques in this blog. We will show you two ways to change your look on any curly hairstyle and how to bring it back to its original look. This technique can use on any wavy hair, no matter it's body wave hair or deep wave hair and so on.
    If you want to create a softer look to your curls when back to school, gently use your paddle brush to soften the shape, and then use some holding spray to set the look.
    If you want to create a more defined textured look, using flexible spray gel or peace-out contour fiber creme is a good way. The best way to apply either of these products is to use a small amount into the palm of your hands, then apply it to the hair. The flexible spray gel will give a more wet-defined look. Wear the peace-out contour fiber creme offers a more matte piece finish.
    Now we will bring the curls back to their original look, spray the wavy hair with a little bit of water, use your wide tooth comb to comb through the hair, and use your fingers to help shape the curls back to their original shape.
    Lastly, here's a quick tip to help keep your curly styles in their best shape after washing and before you set them to dry. Use your fingers to reform the curl. That will help keep the curl pattern and formation of the curls looking fresh longer.
    We hope this guide gives you more styling ideas for human hair curly styles for your back to school look. If you find it helps, don't forget to share.
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